My Firecreek Tank Bag

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I have been asked several times about my tank bag. It is a Firecreek Accessories brand bag, designed specifically for the GL1500 Goldwing.
You can go directly to their website here: Firecreek Tank Bag.

I use my bag constantly. In fact I almost never take it off the bike. It has a metal frame that connects over the radio panel in place of the radio cover.

The bag is not waterproof. It is made of waterproof material, however the zippers leak.

I took all the pictures using my digital camera at the 4 mega-pixel setting. The page includes thumbnail versions of the pictures. But I chose to make the thumnails pretty large themselves. The thumbnails are 400x300 at 75dpi resolution. In many cases this picture itself will be big enough for your use.

But, you can click on any picture and the full size version will load. If you have a DSL or cable connection this should not be a big deal, but if you have dial-up, go get a cup of coffee.

Click on the picture to load the fullsize image.

Left side view. Left side view, larger picture.
Right side view. Another right side view.

These are general pictures of the bag in place. The first two are almost the same, but the second one is larger.

Top view. Left side pocket. Right side pocket is the same.

View of open main area, without divider. View of open main area, with divider installed.

Another view of open main area, without divider. The
divider is velcro'd to the inner right.
Underneath the bag over the radio.
You can reach the volume knob without lifting the bag.

This is the bottom side of the bag, showing the frame. This is the bag installed, and lifted.
Here you can see the frame latched into place.

The frame is designed so that you can still access the radio controls and the cassette deck.
You can lift the bag on it's front hinge, and the frame stays in place.

This is the front side of the bag, showing the frame engaged. Another view of the front of the bag.
The snaps you see on the front of the bag are for the map holder.
This is the front of the frame being inserted. The rear of the frame being inserted.

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